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A Changing Value Proposition

From 1977 to 1981 I did quite a bit of freelance writing for boating pubs, Cruising World, Sea, Seaworthy, to name a few. One of the articles I wrote was a value analysis of the US Coast Pilot (Region 5, as I recall). I did so after a letter to an editor decrying the horrendous price increase of 50 cents. When complete, the analysis showed the content had more than doubled since 1949 while the inflation adjusted price had increased only 50 percent.

Lately, we have been doing such an analysis on each pub we subscribe to as renewal dates arrive. We’d like to keep the mail forwarding service workload (and storage) requirements within reasonable bounds. What follows is such an analysis on a pub we’ve decided not to renew Continue reading

Emergencies and Crises — US & UK Citizen Support

With a number of the world’s littoral countries in everything from disarray to open warfare, it is useful for US & UK cruisers to know what the Department of State and Foreign & Commonwealth Office can and can’t do — before the fact.

Emergencies and Crises” (US DOS)

When things go wrong” (UK F&CO)

An Interesting Parallel

Yesterday we pointed out the US MARAD’s interest in using “Marine Highways” to compensate for clogged mainland arteries. Today, the Seine-Nord Europe canal in France is being announced for the same purpose. This could be quite interesting if non-commercial traffic is allowed (as planned).

Announcement Translation (via Google): Continue reading

Roller-skating in a Buffalo Herd*

Given the relative size difference between cruising boats and merchant vessels, any help we can get understanding their operations helps.

Some of that can come from current affairs sources such as gCaptain and the US Coast Guard NavCen. And while “stay far away from the big guys” is generally Strategy One, tactically it can be difficult to employ if a major port or control zone or traffic lane are on the chart one is using.

I suggest it would be worth a bit of one’s time to jump over to the US Maritime Administration’s (MARAD) site and see what’s in the works.  Perhaps most importantly, the efforts to increase the use of merchant shipping to take the pressure off clogged near coastal highway systems. Especially interesting is Secretary LaHood’s newest report on Coasts and Waterways usage, America’s Marine Highway.

AIS looks even more attractive…

*with a nod to Roger Miller, 1936-1992

Florida Anchoring

Having read the document linked below, I can only conclude Franz Kafka largely defined the context for cruising Florida in  “The Trial” and “The Castle.”

“Download Anchoring Away”

US Customs and Border Patrol

As we are all aware, world events and a few bad actors have made entering the US with a private pleasure vessel  a bit more challenging than it might have been in the (very distant) past.

To some degree the process is subject to continuous improvement though “improvement” might not be the word some would use.  However, I have yet to meet a Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) official who wasn’t professional and helpful. Given what they have to deal with on a daily basis, to me, that says a lot.

The following links lead to CBP website pages with which US and guest cruisers should be familiar.

Pleasure Boats & Private Flyers

CBP Search Authority

Customer Service

Link to the CBP.gov Site Map