Dismal Swamp

Brightening, sun warming us.

Norfolk seemed sleepy to us. The tempo we remember from 1980 or even 1985 was missing. in any case, it made for an untroubled passage. Were it not for a stuck railroad bridge across the Elizabeth River we would have reached the Deep Creek Lock for the Dismal Swamp Canal in time to run the entire canal in one day.

As it was that was OK because we stopped at the North Carolina Welcome Center and rafted up (4-deep) for the night and met fellow cruisers on a Caliber named KAIROS (Dan & Myla). Our friends, Paul and Joyce, from Elizabeth City and Caliber Cruising Club stopped by to see if we were there, and we introduced them to the KAIROS. The chill behind the bad weather was settling in, and all the rafted crews scuttled below for hot meals when the sun went down


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