Veterans Day Twixt Alligator and Pungo Rivers

Bright, breezy and not as cold as expected.

Another Le Mans start, this time involving a swing bridge letting us all through in a gaggle which took miles to separate according to speed. We make 7.5 Statute Miles per hour (the ICW unit of measure) running at 2500 RPM. This means our diesel is burning a bit shy of a gallon per hour. We added something called FPPF to the fuel (at the engine mfg recommendation) and it is running noticeably smoother and thriftier. A good thing.

There were spots we could have sailed, but they didn’t last long enough to justify the adjustments necessary. We pulled into the Upper Pungo River around 1500 and listened to Veteran’s Day tribute music while being gradually joined by 17 other boats. The anchorage was as slick as a mirror and quiet. I got a haircut.

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