Change Coming — Twixt Pungo and Broad Creek

Watery sunrise and high clouds later.

Left earlier than we like to take advantage of sail-able winds that didn’t materialize. We find ourselves starting to ignore marine weather broadcasts which are optimized for off and near-shore. We now pay more attention to the local municipal forecasts which seem to do better with wind speed and direction in the ICW (when it’s not near the beach).

We got to Broad Creek early enough we could have carried on to Oriental, NC, but listening to radio traffic (the VHF and radar are always on) it sounded distinctly crowded, so we pulled into Broad Creek. It took a wiggle to get in and then it opened up to a very inviting anchorage. We found a spot that would provide shelter from the predicted coastal low roaring our way and backed well down on the anchor. The sky in the picture hints at what’s coming.

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