Gold Plate Intact — Twixt Morehead City and Mile Hammock

Cold, windy, clear; wind on port bow, dock on starboard, $2M plus in boats fore and aft.

0656, dropped all the lines but a spring at the bow. Doubled it around the dock cleat. Put the boat in reverse so the “prop walk” would pull the stern upwind. As soon as we were at a 35-45 degree angle to the dock, I gunned it in reverse, and Janet slipped the line forward. It jammed on the too small dock cleat, and we left it for the marina’s lost and found. But we cleared all the very expensive obstacles by a good ten feet.

Outside the marina the current was running against us all the way south. In one spot our progress was reduced to 4.2 mph. Started seeing our first (of many) really shallow spots from lack of ICW maintenance. Bridge tender at Onslow Beach (Camp LeJeune) did a great job of orchestrating commercial and pleasure traffic, and we got an early pass.

We anchored in Mile Hammock — WWII location of embark/disembark training for Pacific Island bound Marines — at 1330. Made up for the early start. Before sunset nine boats had joined us in this somewhat constrained space, but it is so sheltered from wind and current, we were all able to use a little less anchor rode. Napped in the afternoon. Lows in the 30s. Florida is still so far away (thermally, for sure)…Picture is remains of concrete ship mock up used in for that WWII training.

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