Ego is a Poor Substitute for Brains — Twixt Mile Hammock and Wrightsville Beach

Cold, clear, calm.

Surrounded by dolphins. Yuckiest bottom mud since the Bay. Away at 0615 (timing for favorable current again). Yesterday, a very arrogant, large Grand Banks blew by several of us without warning. Later we heard him on the radio berating someone. Later we heard him calling SeaTow for assistance. Said it appeared a shoal had formed in the middle of the channel.

This morning at 0752 we passed the boat sitting high and hard aground near #72A. We looked at his radar return on our chart plotter. Too busy being Mr. Big Stuff — he was on a shoal clearly marked on the chart and 1/8 mile west of the channel.

Water traffic started getting thick as we made our way down to Wrightsville Beach and its infamous bridge. The three of us circling for the bridge were then scattered in several directions by a catamaran that motored into our midst from behind at nearly full speed.

The woman aboard began demanding on the VHF we get out of their way… When I pointed out what she was asking for was not safe her response was, “Whatever” and they squeezed right on by. Had to be related to the guy on the Grand Banks. (and yes, I photo-shopped the name off the transom)

When we made it through the bridge, we skipped the shoaling short-cut channel for the inlet channel cutting over to the Banks Channel and motored back north to anchor at the back of a well occupied anchorage. Within minutes another boat anchored alongside of us, and oblivious of the wind vs current effects they let their boat swing within inches of our dinghy hanging in davits.

They had gone below! Moments after dumping two anchors on the bottom and pondering the twisting rodes, they went below! We sounded our horn and they came topsides and moved about half as far away from us as they could have. Next time we will anchor farther down channel. A bit more bumpy maybe but less up close and personal.

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