Change of Plans — Transiting Lockwood’s Folly and Shallotte Inlets

Warmer, calmer, beautiful.

Left at 1020 to hit these two inlets at half-tide rising. Used waypoints provided by the Corps of Engineers. Afterward, looking at the track we left relative to the charted channel, it was easy to see nature is in the process of closing off the ICW at these two points. They now look to be impassable at low tide for us. All in all it just required head’s up pilotage, but we can’t remember ever seeing anything like this in our 1980 trip.

We decided the weather had held us back to the point we must now break the trip in Charleston vice Beaufort, SC.

We did the necessary calling. Decided to change to “Dock Holiday’s” for tonight from another marina because they had a restaurant, and it was time for a break from cooking. Got a great and helpful reception from the owner when we arrived (despite his Novocaine wearing off), but the restaurant was closed for the season! Ah well, the pump out was free (if anemic). At bed time there was smoke on the water illuminated by orange dock lights — looked like something straight from Tim Burton.

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