Deja Vu for real — Twixt Myrtle Beach and Bull Creek

Cold but not frigid, near calm, very bright

Today we transited the notorious Rock Pile at near low tide so we could see and avoid the rocks. Fortunately we encountered no commercial traffic (or any for that matter) in this very narrow, fanged-bottom section of the canal. The story is way back when the Corps wasn’t expecting rock and blasting got so expensive they just did the best the could. Good news is rock bottoms don’t tend to develop shoals.

After that we just droned our way down to the Socastee Bridge where the tender had another of his well publicized on the air tantrums. Frankly, from what I heard, the bridge needs new radio equipment. Seems like there are lots of dead spots in bands reaching out from the bridge up and down stream. At 1545 we pulled into Bull Creek off the beautiful Wacamaw River. We anchored here in 1980. We must have been very close to our position then because we began to see things that at least seemed familiar. I know, fatigue….

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