A Bit Less Wind Please — Twixt Bull Creek and Five Fathom Creek

Gusting 35, cold, partly cloudy.

Back on the ICW at 1000. Beautiful. Current with us. Headed down toward Georgetown, “Waterway Guide Lady” passed us. Lafayette Bridge bulkhead a wreck. Entered Winyah Bay ship channel and ran swiftly down to the land cut off the western channel. The ferry there wasn’t in operation; which, with the current pushing us was a good thing.

When we got to the Minim Creek Ranges we needed them because the wind and current were requiring us to crab a good 15 degrees. We had wanted to anchor in the South Santee River but the wind was barreling right down it, and it was full of crab pots. So, we gladly/reluctantly headed on toward Five Fathom Creek off McClellanville knowing we would get there with little daylight left and less than optimum tide.

All told we anchored at 1651 in 12 feet. At low tide at 2137 we had 6.9 feet. We had a quiet night but it was a three blanket night as well.

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