Getting There — Twixt Five Fathom Creek and Cooper River Marina

COLD, chill factor 17 degrees!!!

Up at 0630 to get away on high tide and weak current. Shrimp boats for an alarm clock. 26°F. Enough breeze for 17° chill factor. Anchor came up with two foot coil of half-inch wire rope on it. Took a bit to dislodge while Janet kept us centered in the channel and off the bottom. FINGER  NUMBING, wet work.

Channel very shoaled as we moved south. Seven feet in some spots where dead low tide would leave but four feet of water. 1023 Ran aground following a cruising guide’s advice to stay on the “red side.” Turned out the deep water was on the, ah, “green side.” We floated enough after twenty minutes we were able to twist off using sharp rudder movements combined with engine acceleration. Hey it’s only the second time this trip.

Got to the Ben Sawyer Bridge and it was out of service, so we circled back to Inlet Creek, anchored and had tuna salad sandwiches for lunch. Crumbs barely brushed away, the radio came alive with “all you folks waitin’ out there come on up we’re gonna give this thing a try…” We got through at 1300+ which in a way was good as it meant we reached Cooper River Marina at slack water. Something we would learn over the next few days was a big deal.

Our reception was professional and friendly and we knew we had made the right choice when they offered to drive me to the airport to pick up a rental car. Got long, hot showers…

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