People can be Disappointing — Cooper River Marina

Chilly and much calmer.

Well, in the course of carting our provisions and other stuff (including our Christmas Tree) from car to boat, someone lifted our handheld GPS from the cart while we were distracted. The large crew of a scruffy looking schooner bound for Cuba were hovering in our area at the time, but it really could have been anyone walking by. Sad.

I switched the Bruce anchor to the secondary roller and shackled the new Delta 55# spade to our chain rode while Janet did residual laundry. It will be interesting to see if this anchor makes us happy. The recommendation to make the switch from SC south came from veteran waterway cruisers, so I suspect all is well.

Pumped out. They use a boat here and do the entire job — not just hand you the hose.

Dined on stuffed flounder with braised fennel and pan toast. Did I mention in segment one we really eat well when aboard and lose weight?

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