Sleigh Riding on the Cooper River Twixt CRM and Church Creek

Chilly, calm, just a touch of sea haze.

Today starts the movie “Dances with Tides and Currents.” From here on our days will be timed to get us to current troubled spots at slack water and shoal areas at at least half-tide rising. The theory on the shoal areas being if you run aground you’ll float free in about 20 minutes…

Decided to start the day warm so we got showers. We left the marina on full flood (3+ mph current) so we would reach Elliott Cut at slack water. Well the flood was fuller than usual from run-off from the rains that plagued our drive down. This meant we got to the ICW very early, so we cut our speed way back to reach the Wappo Creek bridge at its scheduled opening — turned out when we called it’s an on request bridge this time of year, so we accelerated.

The current in the creek was stiff, but here, currents can be that way up to the point they just sort of shut off and then reverse. Well this one didn’t shut off, and instead of transiting Elliott Cut at slack, we went through against 3 knots on the nose in a 120 foot wide cut with fishing boats all around — run off from that rainy drive we had, we suppose.

This meant we got to Church Creek off the Stono River at the end of civil twilight — a nautical way of saying “dark.” But it is a benign place to enter and anchor, so no problem.

Wow, this anchor bites in like Navy carrier aircraft arresting hooks. I think we are going to like this.

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