Our Original Destination is just another story… Twixt Ashepoo and Beaufort, SC

Cloudy, warmer, damp.

Left at 0900 and passed the storied Ashepoo-Coosaw Cut-off with no depth problems thanks to dredging done while we were home. One of the big things I would recommend to anyone doing this — is to think about and prepare for — which way am I going to get pushed by the current when I leave this narrow passage. Then be prepared to be wrong about 20% of the time as eddies intervene. This happened to us here. Had we been head down over a chart plotter, the display lag time would have left us waiting for the tide to raise us from a shoal. These eddies can push one a significant distance in less than a boat length (faster than the plotter screen refresh rate). They can also be a problem between bridge pilings, be alert. If the plotter is essential at this point someone besides the person at the helm should be the one looking. Arrived in Beaufort (Bew-fort) at 1245. Decided just to spend just two nights here as our days banked for delays account is near zero. The dampness, warming air and cold water foretold fog.

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