The OLD South — Beaufort, SC

Foggy well on toward 1200, gnats, gnats, gnats.

Well, Beaufort, SC was quite nice. We toured the historic district with Gilbert the Belgian Draft Horse and Bud the Guide. Gilbert had a strong “personality.” Like some Lieutenants I’ve known, he was inclined to take commands and traffic lights as optional.

This is an interesting place. Tours of the homes themselves would require at least a week. What makes this place different is the Confederates surrendered it to the Union without a shot, and so all the homes here survived the southern insurrection. Some date to the 1700’s. The town is an open museum. Given the meals we had at Blackstone’s (breakfast til 2pm) and Plum’s (we agree the best on the water eating since home) a week here would be no problem.

This place is eulogized, for its sunsets though and that’s what the picture is of. If we’d shown one home we would have had to show them all.

We used the FREE courtesy car to provision and did a bit of non-essential shopping. This is a friendly crew though the marina has a few issues. All in all, we are glad we didn’t leave the boat here for a month. Logistics alone were much easier in Charleston.

A note on pronunciation. Here Beaufort is pronounced from the medieval French. Beau is the beau of beautiful. Beaufort, NC is pronounced as the beau ala boyfriend. Both are linguistically correct and more importantly, both are how the people who live there want it to be (from the founding of the towns to the present).

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