FAWG — Twixt Beaufort and another Bull Creek

FOG giving slow way to brilliant sun.

The weather that warmed us also “fogged” us. No problem on tour day, but when we were ready to leave, we had 100 foot viz. So we power-backed the boat into the current running along the pier and refueled to burn some time and fog. The good news: we have been burning less fuel than estimated. The bad news: only some of the fog burned off.

We left anyway. Within three miles we had the fog horn on and running lights as well. It was only really thick in the lower Beaufort River. By the time we reached Port Royal Sound it had cleared. Glad to have a lot of radar usage under our belts. It helped. So did boats calling among one another to inform each other and avoid problems. [One, with AIS, was particularly helpful.]

The run through Skull Creek and Calibogue Sound inshore of Hilton Head Island was beautiful and uneventful (if you don’t count some “Howard Stern-esque” stuff we heard on the VFH). We had the anchor down in Bull Creek pretty much when we wanted to arrive. Great place — once the bug screens were zipped. QUIET and a gorgeous sunset. Stuffed peppers from scratch for dinner.

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