HELL GATE — Twixt Vernon and Crescent Rivers

Humid and cool.

We continue to be surrounded by beauty of all kinds. The sea grasses, the birds, the tiny crabs that come up on the anchor chain, the clouds… (we could do without the Starling poop though).

We left in time to get to Hell Gate with three more hours of tidal rise available lest we run aground. We saw six feet of water at mid-tide which means only two at dead low. The USCG has attempted to close this route, but this would force people to go offshore in a bad area, so more and more of us worship at the altar of the tide table. We are regressing.

Fortunately, the Gate was less than a mile long and the rest of the day was a smooth, if windy, ride through a blanket of golden grasses. We anchored in the Crescent River just before sunset and raced to get the screens in place as the no-seeums were already at work. We anchored to avoid the shrimping fleet’s morning departure, but it ended up being unnecessary as they stayed in. It made for better sleeping though.

The picture is the Corps of Engineers’ Survey Boat the “DOWNS.” So even though the Georgia section of the ICW has received no dredging in nearly six years, they are trying to help people find a safe passage.

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