Our Share of Grass…No Not That Kind — Twixt Crescent R. and Jekyll Harbor Marina

Humid, SW’ly flow presaging a Front.

Today, we left in time to reach the Little Mud River at half-tide, rising, and through this much longer, windy and tedious stretch we also saw six feet. Once clear of this area and the shoals of Buttermilk Sound, it was another breezy carriage ride through the golden grasses. The waters broadened as we reached St Simon’s Island, and the sun shone more brightly.

After crossing the Sound and entering the creek that makes Jekyll Island an island, we slipped easily on slack water at the Jekyll Harbor Marina. Our timing was great as a small cruise ship went through a half hour later and took up most of the channel in the process. If you value your digestive tranquility, do not eat at the marina restaurant…it took three kinds of tablets to deal with the results. The dock crew is excellent though. In the picture, the wet, fouled portion of the piling is eight feet high.

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