Entering Florida — Twixt Jekyll and Fernandina

Squall line bearing down.

Winter Solstice arrived with a fast moving squall line across the lower reaches of Jekyll Sound. It was a good place for one. Lots of room and deep water. Wind gusted to 35+ for a while, but we turned into the Cumberland River before the wind against tide wave action built up. Would not have wanted to be on the marina face dock–no way.

Moving south through the Cumberland Sound, you could tell it was Sunday — nothing was going on (except an occasional shotgun blast). We’d planned to anchor here behind lower Cumberland Island, but the strong NW wind made that untenable.

Instead we crossed over to Florida, and anchored in the Bells River. Sadly, the margins of this river have several masts sticking from the water where boats were lost to a hurricane.

This was a bouncy place through the night as wind against tide (2200-0400) kicked up a chop and the boat sat abeam the wind as it was held in the grip of an incoming current.

We did hourly anchor watches through the night since it had taken two tries to get the Delta to set (first time it just skidded across a dead oyster bar.

Picture was taken at roughly 1230.

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