Hit Snooze Several Times — Twixt Fernandina and Jacksonville Beach

Bright, clear, windy, cold.

Anchor watch and bouncing made for a night of naps. Had we not had Christmas plans in St Augustine, I think we would have repositioned the boat and stayed the day.

As it was, we left the Bells River on a dead low tide to reach the St John’s river at the right time for a slack water crossing. This meant we saw as little as 5.8 feet in the waterway main channel in several places where turning right and left just gave us less. (We draw 5.5 with all tanks full and the larder stocked.)

After a couple of hours that improved. It was windy, but we were sheltered by the narrowness of the waterway. This was one of those crystal clear days after a front passes. So beautiful.

We reached the Sisters Creek Bridge at the St John’s river 2 minutes after predicted slack water and found the flood arrived early. After arranging a safe passing with a northbound tug we crabbed our way across the river and again found thin water where the waterway telegraph had said the preferred channel was.

On a strong flood, we reached Beach Marine shortly thereafter and slipped without a current for the first time in weeks. After that, laundry. The otherwise great dock crew took our cart while we were doing laundry and locked it up. NOT appreciated.

Even so we will likely come here again as it is completely unaffected by the strong currents in the ICW and the entrance channel is maybe two boat lengths long.

Picture shows our big ship timing was better here than in Savannah

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