St Augustine — Twixt Jax Beach and Oyster Creek Marina

38º departure — 63º arrival.

Pulled out of Beach Marine on another dead low tide, but this time with less (0) consequence. We had a low stress trip down to St Augustine with two small exceptions involving badly operated boats. The welcome we received at Oyster Creek Marina topped them all. It was like a family welcome home. We are bunking down here for the better part of a week and will spend Christmas with a very good friend from sailing days at Patrick AFB. Boxing Day. We will spend with a former secretary of mine from 1989 who is about to celebrate her 90th birthday. The boats about us are bedecked in Christmas lights, and we have had our own lighted mini-tree on the table since Charleston. Since we signed in here for a week, we did only the essentials before kicking back for the evening.

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