South to Daytona, Goin’ South the Rush is On — Twixt OCM and Halifax Harbor

Chilly again.

Got away from the Oyster Creek Marina at 0800 in light breeze and current. If we hadn’t been sure we were in Florida from Fernandina to St Augustine, today’s travel cinched it. Mangroves, palms, and ibis lined the waterway. We were fortunate to catch a fair current all the way to Daytona. It was beautiful weather again, but the day started at 48º and was quite breezy.

Pulled into Halifax Harbor Marina an hour early. Very professional place. Very impressed with bridge operations in Daytona good communications between bridges and bridges and boats. Would have been nice if the showers had been behind the security perimeter but otherwise a first rate place. Yes, we occasional dine on left overs, but what left overs!

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