20 Yrs Ago We Were Anchored at the Bitter End Yacht Club — Twixt HRM and Titusville

Another very bright 48º. smoke on the water, less wind.

Left at 0800.  Another crystalline blue day. Much “ditchier” today. We spent a lot of the day staying on the center line of a dredged cut from New Smyrna Beach on. Today, it warmed faster, but the breeze kicked up quite a bit by the time we exited the Haulover Canal north of Kennedy Space Center. Actually saw a bikini here… We arrived at the Titusville Municipal Marina pretty much on schedule and found ourselves dealing with fixed (vs floating) docks for the first time since Alligator River. Not a problem, but we’ve really come to appreciate the ease of getting on and off the boat with floating docks.

Stayed up for New Years by playing Scrabble. “Party-hearty” is worth 22 tile points.

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