Memory lane is in my ears and in my eyes — Eau Gallie

LUAU Shirt& SHORTS wx.

From Cocoa we headed down to Eau Gallie where we raced our Ranger 23 for years. Much had changed but much hadn’t. Being on a bigger boat this time (5 times the displacement) things looked smaller. We anchored in the lee of the causeway and were treated to dolphins and a lot of bird activity. More and bigger flocks of sea birds than we remember. It was thoroughly restful.

Sadly, the dragon on Dragon Point has crumbled to ruin from repeated storm damage, We missed the iconic and kitschy landmark. It was lit with propane flames from the nostrils on Halloween and New Years. (the picture shows all that’s left…) On the second day, I cleaned the inflatable dinghy and dealt with topsides stains on the boat.

Around 1345 “Long Tayle” from the Caliber Cruising Club motored by and we chatted briefly. We found it odd how many large cruising boats opted for the crowded confines of the Dragon Point harbor when the weather allowed comfortable anchoring in the river proper. Chicken marinated in sun-dried tomato bruschetta steamed over couscous with a cesar salad for dinner, yum.

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