The Burgees (No, not the BeeGees….) — Northern Virginia

Dry with a hint of outta here in the air.

The top right corner is Brilliant Star’s burgee (made by the “Sail Bag Lady”, Bettina Braisted), it speaks for itself. Sky, Sun and Sea.

Below that is our “House Flag.” It’s based on a trip two decades ago to Cane Garden Bay, where in the winter they put a snow tire on the tire swing. Until I retired for the second time, that week was the lowest stress week of our life, and we committed to coming back on our own boat. We haven’t made it there yet, but the plans are taking shape.

To the right on the upper row is, of course, the one of the burgees for the Seven Seas Cruising Association.

Below that is the burgee for the Caliber Cruising Club — a nearly 200 person group committed to supporting each other. Occasionally, you will see them all flying in the order shown at the top of the page, but frankly they make such a racket down below by whacking the shrouds in any kind of breeze you’ll likely see fewer.

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