Pass the Dredgy on the Diamond Side… Northern Virginia (Sorta)

Warm enough to load the truck.

The USA Corps of Engineers has announced they will be dredging Lockwood’s Folly intersection before we head north in the spring. Good News.

This means there has been maintenance at the Dawho River, The Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff, and Ben Sawyer Bridge area since our trip started.

Plus, the Army just released a solicitation for maintenance dredging at Hell Gate on 23 Jan.

In the photo, you’ll notice the black ball and diamond shapes above the pilot house. Here’s what they mean for navigational safety.

“Vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver due to some sort of
underwater operation (i.e. dredging). Two all-round red lights
(or two balls) show the side to which you should not pass. Two
all-round green lights (or two diamonds) indicate the safe side
to pass this vessel.”

Frequently, there isn’t a lot of room on the safe side (notice where the work boats tied up). USACE file photo

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