Changes in Latitudes — Titusville

Another Squall Line

Well, which view would you prefer?

We left in serious snow. 60 some-odd wrecks in the DC/NoVA area as we left (we did not cause them). People seemed to be doing alright until they saw “65” on the speed limit sign — guess they thought it was an order.

It turned to rain by Ashland and just gray clouds by Florence. Ate at an OK place in Florence. Why does everything down here have to be breaded and over-salted? Interestingly, the server brought a wireless device to the table to handle the credit card transaction. The card never left my possession.

Rain caught up with us in the morning and dogged us through the day. Sun became persistent south of Jacksonville, and the temperature went up to 82 degrees.

Took care of business in St Augustine and ate another excellent meal at La Cocina.

Unloaded in the dark in Titusville because of early rain predictions for today. Needn’t have. Rain didn’t arrive until nearly 1500.

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