Tranquility is a Place as well as a Condition — Just south of Pine Island

Sunny/cloudy, warm/cool, breezy/calm.

Today we moved from traffic noise to Spanish guitar and the sound of waves lapping on the hull — From Eau Gallie to four miles north of Vero Beach near marker “111.” (Hole in the Wall) The wind went from zero to E to ESE in a hurry so we weren’t able to sail.

The day did have two highlights though. First, was the Pelican Island bird refuge. So many pelicans were feeding as we passed, their splashes filled the radar screen with red and blue confetti. And yet, try as we might, we were unable to catch one on film. Their decision to dive came faster than we could press the shutter button.

The second highlight was when the two fishermen above (notice the hint of mega mansions above the trees) came alongside and gave us directions to a better anchorage than the one we had chosen. Ultimately, they led us in to an eight foot deep pool behind the island in the lower photo. The wave heights here are 1/4 to 1/2 inch. We have dolphins and birds all round. Enfolded by mangroves and Australian pines, we can swing in any direction and not bump. Very nice people. [the chart showed 1-2 feet throughout this area]

I suppose there were three highlights. As you may know the ICW more or less IS the Atlantic Coast Flyway when it comes to water birds. This morning we saw skeins of geese overhead that had to number in the the thousands if not more. At first we thought it was more smoke from the daily grass fires, and then we saw the wobbly “V” patterns they make. WOW.

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