Verily, Vero Twixt Hole in the Wall and Vero Beach

Indescribably Delicious Weather

The short jaunt to Vero was straight forward but once again the digital charts had us going through a solid structure to get where we were going — this time a high-rise bridge. The City Marina dock hand was very good and earned his tip, but the guy at the desk was sullen, sniffly, and sarcastic. With so many folks looking for work…

As is becoming habit, we vegged in the slip for the rest of the day. The day became quite windy from the SE, but the only bouncing came from a pelican that dove persistently about four (yes 4) feet off our transom right next to a concrete piling.

The pilings here do merit a warning. They are encrusted with oysters that extend WELL beyond the fender boards on the pilings placing hull sides at significant risk when maneuvering.

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