Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s on to deck work we go — Titusville, Fl

Benignest Kind.

Lest anyone think this is all fun, Today we:

    Vacuumed — including the bilge
    Sanitized the forward head compartment
    Washed down the boat stem to stern
    Washed the salt residue out of the anchor locker
    Wiped off salt crystals from all metal surfaces we could reach
    Polished the Isinglass in the dodger (thank you Paul and Joyce — Pledge is wonderful)
    Changed the oil and filter on the diesel
    Loaded the truck
    Watched the sunset through heavy grass fire smoke

Now we are watching Lawrence Welk do an Oscar oriented show (1970, please tell me we did NOT dress like that…yes we did) So simple, so enjoyable…no one has said “meltdown” since it started.
Anchovies are good on baked potatoes.

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