Six Decades at around 3 a.m. Today — Fantasy Land (within 25 miles of Washington Beltway)

Golfers in shorts out my window.

Today, I turned 60. I’m not sure what that means, “60.” It’s a bit like mileage on cars. When I turned 21, a car with 60K miles on it was not likely to be in great shape. Today, a lot of cars are barely through their first set of tires at that point.

When I think back to the age of my professors and what they were doing in life and contemplating for the future, it is clear that I am younger at 60 than they were. At the same time I can point to some 60ish folks today who are still younger than I am. I’m sad that several of my friends didn’t make it this long, but that sadness has moved from pain to melancholy. And I have a hard time sticking with melancholia very long.

To mark the event, I applied for a teaching relationship with one of the Washington Area Graduate Schools that sends traveling instructors across the country to help mid-career people advance themselves. Be interesting to see if it works out. [They, USDA, didn’t even acknowledge receipt.] I’m not inclined to tempt fate by examining my future in too much detail. It’s always seemed better to do as much as possible to prepare for a wide range of possibilities and then take things as they come. Besides, the current economic situation is like a tiddly-wink — with a bit more pressure, poorly applied, it can pop in any direction.

So I’m not sure a lot of plans make sense right now. In plowing through my photo trove last night for other reasons, I came upon the two photos here. What struck me about the osprey and fish is the fish looks to be more fearful of the elevation than being the entree (look at the eye). The red-wing blackbird on the eagle (all my research says its not faked–credit to Alan Stankevitz) just left me thinking.

We leave next weekend for the pleasant challenges of working our way north with Brilliant Star. Spring is 14 days away…

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