Colder than Christmas — Twixt Daytona and St Augustine

25 kts gusting 30+ temps in 60s

The morning was not an indicator of the day ahead. We left Halifax Harbor Marina 0900 after dealing with the necessary pump-out. We called the Memorial Bridge, and let them know we were coming and a trawler waiting at the bridge asked the bridge tender to delay for us. Wow! The run up the ditch was cool and bright and pretty much calm, and all the passing powerboats did it right.

Then the USCG came on the air with a Small Craft Warning that started at 1300. I took a look a the barometer, and it was clear they were a bit behind the curve. The wind hit just a few minutes later. Before an hour had passed we were dealing with 25-30kts on the nose. This combined with unfavorable currents left us between 5-6 mph in several stretches. And it was chilly as the dry wind blew across the offshore waters. It made for a longer day — psychologically at least.

We actually arrived at Oyster Creek pretty much when we planned. We were assigned the same slip we had at Christmas — when the temps were between 75-80º with light winds! Just like our first arrival, Paul Walsh, the dockmaster, made us feel like we had just come home.

The marina was much less lively than Christmas as many folks had moved south and traffic had fallen off due to the economy. Didn’t seem to affect Hurricane Patty’s though — we couldn’t get a table.

The catamaran powerboat (a very large hydroplane) looked a lot bigger and more threatening racing up on us from astern. More info can be found at Multihull Technologies Inc, Key West Fl.

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