It’s A Strong Wind That Blows a Good Brunch — St Augustine, Fl

Mid 60s, N’ly 25-32 mph.

We are bouncing around in what we hope is the last of this Nor’Easter which has been strong enough to require extra fenders against the dock. It appears that March has decided to come in like a lion and go out like one too. Don’t think this is what the spring breakers signed up for either.

We went to Hurricane Patty’s for lunch. It offers no pretense. It’s a Florida Bar with good food served simply. We were offered a Sunday Morning Special — Poached Eggs, Hash, Toast, and Potatoes. Given our good experiences here at Christmas, I gave it a try. The eggs were perfect, the hash home-made (thin, crispy, no potatoes) and perfect, the un-peeled red potatoes were O’Brien style with a hint of crab or shrimp boil and perfect and the toast was, well, perfect. $7.99. Janet had shrimp, and it was perfect. And the waitress was …perfect. Give this place a try If you come this way.

Spent a bit of time discussing installing new gear which would make traveling outside (offshore) more independent and safer. Right now the big item list looks like: Solar Panels for greater energy independence — Kyocera seems to be the supplier of choice.. Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver to augment radar identification of large ships Watermaker for greater shore independence — not sure on supplier yet. Satellite Phone for beyond cellular connectivity — probably Global Star unit EPIRB (Emergency beacon) (and other stuff we haven’t thought of yet). These will probably become blog projects as we move forward.

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