Flexibility is the key to flexibility — Twixt Nassau Sound and Cumberland River

Chilly, partly cloudy from 1600 on.

To have tides that provided enough water at Fernandina and Crooked River, we stayed anchored till 1400
off Harrison Creek. We departed in bright conditions on the low tide expecting to go through Fernandina with about a foot more than the 5.8 we saw in December. Sure enough at the spot in question we saw 6.8 feet.

We crossed into Georgia at 1600, and the run up through the Kings Bay Submarine Base was virtually abandoned. When we got to the infamous Crooked River turn we ignored the chart plotter and navigated the way we did in 1980. We never saw less than 12 feet this way. Looking at the wind direction and our progress, we decided to anchor north of Terrapin Point rather than Shellbine Creek as planned. It gave us better protection (though it is wide open to the west) and staged us closer to Jekyll Creek for a high tide passage in the morning.

We arrived at 1800 and got the hook set on the second try. Like the Bells River in Dec, we either were skidding across an oyster bar or managed to anchor in soupy mud the first time. We felt one wake near sunrise and a bit of ocean swell from St Andrews Sound at sunrise on the 25th pictured above.

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