“Killer” Reception — Brunswick Landing Marina

Windy, bordering on hot in town.

We pulled out of our anchorage at 0800 and crossed St Andrews Sound in a swell that tossed us a bit. However, we crossed here in Dec in a serious squall so… Jekyll Creek at an hour after high posed no problems except at the northern end of the “Range” near Jekyll Island Resort. Here we saw 10 feet (read: 3-4 at low tide!). One needs to turn off the range about 50 yards sooner than the chart shows.

Exiting Jekyll Creek we met five HIGH speed boats full of law enforcement types who appeared to be in training (relaxed enough to wave back to us). From there we made our way up the ship channel and turned into the East River. Shortly thereafter it happened — are you ready for this? The Brunswick Landing Marina (2.5 miles away) called us on the VHF! The dock crew saw us turn into the river and knew they only had two reservations for today, and so they called the other one then us. Talk about initiative.

The two ladies that met us did a great job with the docking instructions and the lines when we arrived. Killer helped (top photo). Later, after we toured the waterfront of this nicely restored small town, we were treated to youthful exuberance on boats (bottom photo — moments later the boy in front was in the river.).

Have reservations for dinner at Cargo Portside Grill (highly recommended) — review later. Time to start walking. —————————

Just a short walk from the marina, this restaurant is in a very old building (like the rest of Brunswick’s waterfront businesses for that matter). The nicely decorated place was full of what we think were the law enforcement types from the morning. The one seated behind us was “Customs” we know.

Jared was our waiter and did a great job. We started with a Domaine Lurton 2007 Sauvignon Blanc that was citrusy and had a crisp clean finish. Janet had the Shrimp, Black Bean and Goat Cheese Enchilada appetizer, and I had the seared Ahi. Both were excellent — fresh, flavors — distinctive and aromatic, textures were what they should have been and what should have been hot was and vice versa. The enchilada wrapper was similar to wonton and flash fried after dipping in coco milk. The lightly peppered Ahi was melt in your mouth tender. Hot crusty bread with strongly flavored olive oil and a good balsamic vinegar were a welcome change from the butter, butter, butter common to the regional cooking (ever watched Paula Dean?). Janet had the Sesame Crusted Catfish (and I sampled). The crust and the fish were feathery light and well set off by a colorful jicama slaw that was not cream based (a plus for us). The jicama had been citrus marinated and tasted a bit like ponzu to me. I had the duck breast medallions with cherry/miso sauce, wasabi mashed potatoes and the slaw. The saltiness of the miso (dried bonito powder) expanded the cherry-ness of the cherry reduction. When paired with the duck there was an “Is this duck or is this Bavarian venison?” feeling. It was duck, and perfectly seared medium. The mashed potatoes were properly seasoned — none of the sinus clearing “I can’t taste the rest of the meal” bomb that I’ve had elsewhere. Or course we had desert. We ordered the chocolate torte with ancho chili, cinnamon and orange, and I was immediately carried back to Mexico City when I was 17. If you have never had chocolate this way please treat yourself. Jared brought us a sample of Cargo’s signature Peach Pound Cake with carmelized pecans and drizzled with a Caramel-Jack Daniels sauce. Wow! Wowey!! Wow!!! The best part of this meal was the food, the service pacing (two + hours) and the portions — enough to satisfy the soul and pocket book without waddling back to the boat. With bare floors and brick walls there was the usual cacophony, but this seems inescapable these days.

Four Thumbs Up!

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