Flexibility is the Key to Flexibility.2 — Twixt Brunswick and Altamaha Sound

20kts gusting 25+ temps in 70s .

Things were still bouncing and splashing (photo) when I got up to return the rental car, but the promise was for a calmer day. On the way, I dropped some snails in their mail and got the car back in time to limit the charges to a day. When I got back to the marina the conditions had improved, and Janet suggested we leave. Two reasons — git while the gittin’ is easy, and ugly WX was predicted for a time and place we didn’t want to be caught out if we lingered in Brunswick another day. So, in barely an hour we had all we intended to do for the day done (except the free laundry), and we sprung Brilliant Star off the downwind dock and were away. The Brunswick ebb carried us off at over 10 mph but the rest of the day was spent fighting foul currents. We tossed our plans for anchoring location and started researching the closest place we could get to the Little Mud River to make it through an hour before high tide the next day. What we found was another anchorage on the ICW that was very open north, east and west but looked to work for the S’lys predicted. When we arrived the location was better than expected but not something we’d recommend in anything less than highly predictable weather. Actually, we wouldn’t recommend it once the northward (or southward) exodus is in full swing. Wakes would be a trial. We are sort of in the 2009 northward vanguard so there hasn’t been much traffic for us to deal with. The currents here ran hard, and as soon as the shoals to our north had enough water over them to allow for flow, the current at the boat jumped upwards of three knots. For the hour before and after high tide, the noise of our CURLING BOW WAVE interfered with sleep. When the noise stopped suddenly, I popped up for a look because I thought we had started dragging. But, no, the flow phenomenon just sort of switched on and off. The night here was actually quite nice.

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