Lug, Lug, Lug Your Stuff Gently Down 95 — Twixt Northern Virginia and Beaufort

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

We managed to condense our stuff into the pile you see here between Hertz and Enterprise cars at Charleston, SC (1). On the dock it made for one cart (2).

It was stuffy aboard, and we fired up the AC to clear things out. Not only that but in the three weeks we had been gone, the boat had grown a beard (3). Probably attributable to 11 month old bottom paint, much saltier water than the Chesapeake, and the constant high speed ebb and flow of nutrient and oxygen rich water. It’s just a brush job before we leave.

The day was so beautiful we drove to the beach at Hunting Island Park.

When we returned we realized what a long day it had been and had popcorn for dinner.

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