The Prints of Tides — Beaufort, Hunting Island, Hilton Head Island

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous — and more promised.

We did more Beaufort-local touring Saturday and Hilton Head Island Sunday. In every direction one is constantly reminded of the moving water. What is a pocked-mud oyster-scape in the morning is a grass surrounded island in the afternoon.

Since it is a new moon spring tide, the effect is magnified. Everywhere the tide leaves its fingerprints.

Saturday night we were treated to the pre-Prom activities for the local high school — they were held at the open air pavilion about 100 meters behind us and inshore. Aqua is clearly a popular color for formals this year.

Then were treated to the Prom. Then we were treated to the post Prom. It was fun watching people in black-tie acting like kids. So much different than Washington.

We had an excellent light lunch at the Crazy Crab just after arriving on Hilton Head (not the one at Harbortown). Our waiter had recommendations that saved us money. The view was water , mud, and grass — must be a sea island. The visitor center museum next door was friendly and helpful.

Ate dinner in Port Royal 11th Street Dockside — mostly a locals place — very good and as noisy as a boiler factory.

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