Contrasts — Beaufort, SC

Gorgeous, breezy, 75 degrees

Today offered a study in contrasts.

The Green Heron (1) (a rare sight) was hunting from a dock line as we went to the grocery store prior to returning the rental car (a Dodge Caliber which delivered 29 mpg in mixed driving). It surprised us with its comfort and drive-ability too.

Later in the day as we worked off our “light” to-do list (corrosion checks, safety wiring checks, tank filling, fuel polishing, etc, etc, etc) the crane barge growled by (2). These barges are used to lift bridge beams into place among other uses.

Once the light maintenance was out of the way, we dedicated ourselves to relaxing in the mid 70s with light breeze and puffy clouds. Very difficult but we managed. Tomorrow is the heavy work day — the wet/oily/greasy kind.

Janet compelled my obedience to relaxing after work was done today by promising Cajun Dirty Rice for dinner, so as hard as it has been, I have obeyed…. [the website referenced is a hoot.]

However, with her usual creative streak she produced a dinner closer to Picadillo — the Beef Hash of Cuba. Yum

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