Splendor North of the Grass — Beaufort, SC

Gorgeous, breezy, 75 degrees.

We cannot remember a stretch of weather this fine (on the East Coast) in the last 29 years. Day after day has been beautiful, dry, breezy weather and it promises to continue. After yesterday’s maintenance involving all the fluid systems — and emptying the seat locker so I could crawl into that space (think of a bear in a refrigerator) to do the work, today was easy. A stop by the Chocolate Tree for our free dark chocolate Sand Dollars (and another lb of the dark manna) and a run by Bi-Lo for limes and fresh baked bread got us going.

Then it was on to laundry (J), dusting and vacuuming (C) and deck wash-down (J). About the time we were done, two Outward Bound catketches/sharpies (1) sailed their way up river and through the bridge. Having owned a catketch (Bright Star) it’s hard not to stop and watch one go by. These were expertly handled.

Not so the boat that managed to run aground with another three feet of tide left to go out (2). The young fellow aboard appeared totally bemused by the situation, standing on the foredeck and just staring. When a Samaritan came by to take an anchor out to windward, not enough rode was taken out and not sufficiently to windward. We’re keeping an eye out for him.

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