Yin meets Yang Twixt Dewees Creek and Georgetown, SC

Warm with a strong breeze on the backstays.

It was an eight hour travel day, but it was beautiful. The tide was against us seven of those, but the wind was with us. We spent the whole day at 1/3 tide to dead low, and that offered a whole different experience than November. That meant a whole day of searching for the least thin water (“deep” just doesn’t apply), but we found it. For one stretch, if our water and fuel tanks weren’t half full, we would have had to stop and wait, but we didn’t.

In one area, we plowed a shallow groove with our keel for about 120 feet, but the turn of the tide was imminent had we gotten stuck. We were assaulted by hundreds of 3/4 inch long marsh flies, but Janet, with our tennis racket bug zapper made quick work of them. We had a shrimp boat moving at high speed force us to the margins of the ditch, but we got back to the center before his wake banged us on the bottom.

And then we received garbled docking instructions, but the marina folks rectified the situation patiently. AND We didn’t have to do stoop labor to put dinner on the table. AND We didn’t end up as dinner for a denizen.

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