Georgetown, by George

Hot and Humid, by George.

Named for Prince of Wales George II
Governed by eight Barbadians
Colonial Port of Embarkation (goods could be shipped from here without going through Charleston)
Most religiously tolerant of all the colonies — a mercantile venture
Boom to bust with Indigo Dye 1700s
Boom to Bust with Rice (and a recent failure of the boutique “Carolina Gold” rice crop) 1800s
Boom to bust with Lumber 1900s
Boom to bust with Steel
likely Boom to ok with Heavy Kraft Paper (grocery bags, corrugated cardboard stock, etc.)
City population 8,000 – County population 60,000
Fronts on the Sampit (Sam-pee) River (soft soupy bottom, bad anchorage)
Mooring field is imminent as marinas are out of room.
Redone main street and waterfront.
In a better economy this place would be booming, hopefully it won’t sink into a bust again.
Home of the Swamp Fox, Francis Marion Headquarters for the British Troops attempting to quell the rebellion (and capture and execute Marion)
Dozens of pre-War Between the States homes — it surrendered to the US Navy in Spring 1865
Dozens of pre-WW I homes

We had an excellent private tour of the historical district ($700K — $1.5M sales in current market). Very clean town, clearly a lot of civic pride. Very friendly people. I kept looking for Marcus Welby, Betty Anderson, Ricky Nelson….

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