Another reason to like Georgetown, SC

Hot and Humid

The marina agreed we could stay another day when one of the transient boats decided they wanted to be hauled out for a cleaning. The next travel-lift north is 37 miles, the next south is 65. So we made dinner reservations and became Merry Maids for the better part of the day. With all that entailed taken care of, we took advantage of the well air conditioned, clean, completely private individual shower-toilet-vanities. Hazzard Marine is now our number one marina experience. We arrived at “Rice Paddy” at 1730 on the nose and were seated in Andrea’s territory. This young woman had been moonlighting here for years while teaching First Grade. She has four children from age 15 to newborn. And she has the most genuine, beautiful, engaging personality.

This was an excellent dining experience. Andrea knew the menu and everything that went into everything. She let us know we could double any appetizer to get an entree and halve any entree to get an appetizer with only a few exceptions. The cocktail pours were generous — perhaps too… The wine list was surprising with many wines we had come to appreciate over the years. We were delighted when we found a King Estates Pinot Grigio on the list. This is a winery outside Portland, OR our long time, good friends, Lance and Karen, had taken us to 12 years ago for a tasting. We prefer this to what Santa Margherita PG has become. We were also pleased to be told we could customize our salads. So out with the Bleu Cheese and in with Feta for me. And for once we were served a raspberry vinaigrette that didn’t mask all the other flavors on the plate. Janet had the “best crab cakes she’s had outside the Chesapeake Bay” with wild rice and the vegetable medley. I halved the Ahi with Soy, Ginger, and Scallion entree for an appetizer. Lightly peppered and seared and served on a cool plate it melted on the tongue. I followed this with two skillet baked quail with the same accompaniments as J. Baked in a lidded iron skillet with stock, they were topped with a very, very light white country gravy (at first I was afraid it was cream) and few teaspoons of julienned country ham slices. Portion sizes were visually pleasing but not wasteful — between the joke nouvelle cuisine has become and the “family-style” mountain of food too common these days. After a long pause, we finished with a dark chocolate sauced cream cheese mini-brownie cake. (Think: Dormant “Lava Cake”) After cordials including Warre’s Warrior Port (the oldest continuously shipped port in the world — started 21 years after Georgetown was founded in 1729) we took a nice slow walk back from this former 19th century bank to the boat. All through the meal, two beautiful young ladies made constant but non-intrusive rounds of the tables seeing to water, service items, etc. This is a very well managed restaurant with excellent fare. It has ascended to our Gustatory Troika of Cafe Margaux, Mai-Kai, and now Rice Paddy.

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