Green, Green, our view is GREEN Bull Creek off the Waccamaw

Hot and Humid

Leaving the ditch into Georgetown’s Winyah Bay (a submersion bay like the Chesapeake) leaves the sea grasses behind. Silty seawater is replaced with the “black water” rivers north of Georgetown, and the shoreline becomes a riotous barrage of green. Cypresses form a bastion along the edges. With many wide cypress knees holding back siltation, deep water is found almost to the rivers’ edges. This reduces some of the mental pressure that comes with ICW navigation. It’s very much like Caddo Lake in NE Texas.

Of course tomorrow includes the “Rock Pile,” a razor edged section of the ditch into Myrtle Beach where money for blasting ran out. But as Scarlett said, “tomorrow is another day.” She also said, “I’ll never be hungry again.” So, I’m going to go get myself a snack. That was tasty.

Boat traffic of both the ICW cruiser and weekend species picked up today. All have been of the responsible variety. We are anchored in Bull Creek (mile 381) where we anchored in November. Then it was abandoned, now it is a high-horsepower thru-way. But even these folks don’t seem to be out to kill themselves or anyone else. I suspect most will never hear soprano arias again though.

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