The Front went through without Storms! Yea Twixt Bull Creek & Myrtle Beach, SC

Warm and Drier

This is necessarily short as we a preparing to run back up to DC for an auction Janet is coordinating.

When we left Bull Creek the wind was NE and the barometer rising. That with forecasts that took storm likelihood from 40% to 30% to 20% made it obvious we had dodged another bad weather bullet. The trip was 1/3 Waccamaw with the greens subdued by the cloudy lighting and 2/3 ditch to Myrtle Beach.

Unfortunately, today we encountered the first true idiots of this trip. Two very high horsepower, very high speed, very dangerously operated boats decided it was their day to slam up and down about 10 miles of water way between 45-55 mph passing boats (us) with as little as ten feet separating hulls. Janet and I were nearly run down by a racing fleet of these off California once (after the USCGA directed us onto the race course). When they blast by, you can feel your chest wall vibrating — from acoustics rather than fear. All one can do is hold one’s course. Cretins with too many hormones and too much money.

Myrtle Beach Yacht Club (a marina really) handled our arrival very smoothly, and it’s a well protected place to leave the boat for a short week.

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