Vroom, Vroom, Vroom Little River, SC with sidetrip to Georgetown, SC

Warm and Humid, Bright and Sunny

We went to Crab Catchers on the waterfront and had an excellent “fish shack” meal. The Conch Fritters were the best in 20 years. Someone had beat the heck out of the conch and it was tender and flavorful. Best since Fat Hog Bay, BVI. From there we headed south to see Georgetown by car.

We ended up in the ebb and flow of the Myrtle Beach* Harley Rally Week. *Not really, MB businesses love it. Old Myrtle Beach money hates it. The Mayor and City Council of Myrtle Beach rushed to pass ordinances to prevent any events or venues within city limits and, it appears, to harass motorcyclists. Net result is millions lost in hotel and restaurant revenue — in an already bad year (when we drove through MB it was a ghost town — never more than a car or two in front of us). Not only did the bikers not stay in MB, they have vowed not to come back with their families for their traditional summer golf and beach vacations. Tough crowd, huh. Several MB business have said this will drive them out of business. Horry County (surrounds MB) opened its arms. So did North Myrtle Beach, even communities across the line in North Carolina. Radio reporting said crime was down during the week. Hmmmmm.

What we saw was a pretty tame crowd of folks with money to spend. (they were all straddling $25-75K+++ machinery.) Our experience with a charity motorcycle ride from LA to Oxnard a few years ago revised our view of these folks. The large majority are good people. Once in Georgetown, it was clear the charm is limited to the historical section, and the rest of town was unremarkable with the dirtiest Walmart we have ever been in. We came back well inland, and it was a pretty drive. Not wanting to get back out on the road we went to the Marina’s restaurant, the Officers Club, (often an iffy thing to do), and we were very pleased. This was a 4.5 star dining experience. I have had bad luck with gumbo this trip, so this time I asked for a taste. I was brought a large condiment bowl on a doilied saucer with the gumbo, rice and garnish. It was Seafood Creole (almost a Cioppino). But it was very good creole! After excellent shrimp with Thai Chili sauce for an appetizer, when the creole dinner serving arrived, it was literally beautiful. A cookbook cover photo. Janet’s stuffed flounder was every bit as well prepared and presented. Ryan our (moonlighting real estate broker) waiter did a great job.

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