On the Road Again, Locally Wilmington, NC

Frontal Tempestuosity

Decided to run up to Wilmington, NC to see what we could see. Along the waterfront, it reminded us of Pittsburgh and Asheville and Savannah a bit. Downtown was very quiet. Most things closed — made for good traffic. Weather also a factor — It was like an all day meeting of the The Cloud Appreciation Society — these rained and thundered on us though. Lots of restored places and restoration going on. Beautiful homes literally yards from the downtown waterfront. Ate at the Pilot House on a recommendation — not all recommendations are equal. Appetizers the size of entrees. Most folks share an entree. Food was just good.

Drove out to Wrightsville Beach — the skies really opened up and let go as we got there. Impressed by the non-junkiness of the route out to the beach and the same when there. Drove down through Southport on the way back. Pretty little place (emphasis on little) — very exposed to Atlantic storms — surprised at how many older places were still standing. Headed back to Little River with skies the color of gunmetal bearing down on us. Front hit us about 30 minutes after we got back aboard. Lightning dissipated before it got to us — whew! If you get a chance, watch Nature’s presentation on “Victoria Falls.” Spectacular!

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