They call it the Cape Fear River for a Reason — Twixt Southport and Wrightsville Beach, NC

Better and Better WX That’s what the Southport Dockmaster said.

We are so glad we waited the wind out in Southport (as bumpy as it was there). We left at 1416 hrs to catch the slack before flood in the Cape Fear River and hit it just right. With the NE wind still at 17 knots, the wind against tide was a bit lumpy in places, but nothing like the thrashing we would have gotten the last two days.

Snow’s Cut had been dredged, apparently, because we never saw worrisome depths. We did, however, have a 3-3.5 mph current running against us. The NE wind-driven current plus natural current flow conspired the rest of the day. We reached the Banks Channel in Wrightsville Beach a bit later than planned due to the current. The anchorage area was much less populated than we expected. Free from serious currents and with a nicely abated wind, it was a very calm place to spend a relaxing evening.

Here, though, we found we are out of range of South Carolina’s excellent public television. While North Carolina also does educational TV well, we hit reruns. Oh, the tragedy of it all — great fiddle, jug, and washboard music two nights in a row. I will say it’s a strange background for reading alternative history about the origins and outcome of the Trojan War.

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