Change of Plans

Mostly cloudy, mostly humid, mostly likely to rain.

We had planned to stay in Broad Creek for Memorial Day. Then, the weather reports predicted coming conditions it might be nice to put a bit farther behind us. We decided this was better done closer to Elizabeth City. We left Broad Creek at 1000 hrs (it is truly wonderful to have a chart plotter-autopilot combo that allows one to backtrack the way one came in).

From there we made our way north through the Hobucken Canal with a wind-driven current boosting us. When we reached the Pamlico River, glory of glories, we were able to shut down the diesel and sail for a full 10 miles. It was lovely romp of a reach (wind abeam). Lovely, too, is Pungo Creek. Averaging eight feet deep in the lower half and between a quarter and a third mile wide, it is relatively crab float free. It is also unobtrusively populated. Trending north and east it gives good shelter from the SSE to ESE’ly breezes predicted. The showers missed us today, but they streaked the sky all combinations of blue, white, and gray all day.


Food for eating, not thought: Try mixing dried, powdered parmesan cheese with green or black olive tapenade until all the liquid is just taken up. Serve on water (or other low salt) crackers. Don’t worry about left-overs, there won’t be any. Also, if you haven’t tried dried mango slices, you should. By themselves they are delicious. Diced finely, they make an excellent addition to rice or cous cous. They also work in pancakes, Johnny Cakes and fritters.

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