Inspired by Burma Shave? — Alligator Marina

Post Rumbustious

Yesterday we were the last out of the anchorage at 0800. Fine by us, it meant we got to see Enticer as she passed. Toward the end of the Alligator-Pungo Canal (23 miles of stump and snag lined, but deep, ditch) we saw the sign in the picture above. It reminded us of childhood rides cross country.

Once into the Alligator River proper, we had a 12-18 knot breeze over our shoulder and we were able to sail again. We were unable to converse when the F-18s from Cherry Point went over in afterburner. In 1980 as we sailed through this same place, it was F-4s. It’s the sound of Freedom to us.

Mid-river, a large power boat that went by us far enough abeam to be irrelevant elicited the longest series of angry VHF radio calls from upset boaters we have heard this trip. Starting before they passed us and for the next hour, Hey Jude received at least ten “Hey Jerk” (and worse) calls about how they were passing people.

At the Alligator River swing bridge as the sky started to darken, we called earlier than usual and the tender timed us a perfect (no need to touch the throttle) passage. After our thanks call, he responded you have a “Brilliant evening.” Nice.

Alligator River Marina had at least a foot and a half more water in it than it did in November, and we didn’t bump going in. The fuel was the least expensive of the trip. The new fueling funnel arrangement I’ve kluged together seems to work well enough I may look for a company to take it from kluge to something marketable. Or I may just post the kluge to cruiser nets.

A bodacious hailstorm brushed us with its rains only just after we got the boat slipped (whew), and we spent the rest of the evening expecting to get pummeled by a line of stuff developing over the eastern Carolinas. Fortunately, storm development started late in the day, and the front pushed the worst south and east of us. At bed time we had a very electric sky to our south though.

Today is a logistics day. So, hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go! I get to be “Grumpy” because it’s climb under the cockpit and service the generator time. It would be nice to have the real Grumpy or one of his pals to get in there and do the work. Still, it is better than a staff meeting or a contract review. Janet fed quarters to big white boxes and clean laundry emerged. Then she defrosted the freezer again — I watched.

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