Dismal Swamp in Day — Twixt Elizabeth City and Norfolk

Just Plain Hot.

Up early, we made our way through the Great Dismal Swamp Canal. We locked through at South Mills at 1100. The lock was ready when we arrived, and the eight foot rise was quick, given there was no southbound traffic.

The trip to Deep Creek Lock was not quick, given we had a trawler in front of us (with plenty of horsepower) that decided to run at the perfect speed to arrive at the lock with zero wait time. While that worked for him, anything that slowed us down, might have been a real problem, given we didn’t have the catch up horsepower.

Eventually, he sped up and even with our two full stops for opposing traffic we made it in time for the last (1530) lock through. Once again no southbound traffic worked in our favor.

Even so, we got clobbered by a short, sharp, electrical thundershower while we dawdled our way from Deep Creek to Gilmerton Bridge. The bridge didn’t open until 1730. When it did, there was rain, lightning, wind, reduced visibility, and a very big ship docking just the other side of the bridge. Past this, the weather improved, and we wound our way north.

As we passed Tidewater Yachts at Mile Marker “0” we were called on the radio by Sea Slammer (Paul W) and said farewell once more. We made it to the Lafayette River about 1930 and got things secured before the next (less electrical) storm went through.

The sky to the south looked positively “Gulf Stream.” It was dominated by the largest thunderhead I have seen in years. It was good to be secured for the night.

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